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                     Video Tours of 
          all the different Chicken Coops
          and our Chicken Tractor. 

Video Tours~The Prices for the following coops are on the pages marked on the tabs at the top of this page. To find the coop you like look at the video then click the title of that coop in the header at the top of this page above. It will then take you to the page about that coop and all the information about that coop will be listed on that page. Such as pricing, size, bird accommodations, and any extra amenities you would like to add on to make the coop of your dreams. We hope this helps you in your decision and if you have any further questions please call 260-215-2587.

Carolina 1.jpg

Carolina Coop/Run all in one~NEW!! 

These are our new Carolina Coop/Run All in Ones. They come in four sizes. 

IMG_5068 copy.jpeg

This is our smallest and newest coop called the Chick-a-Dee. It will accomodate up to 8 hens and has 2 nesting boxes right inside the door. It comes with the same quality materials and craftsmanship but at a much more affordable price. However, we can only deliver this coop out 60 miles from our shop in Ligonier, Indiana 46767.

Chick-a-Dee Coop


This is a 4' x 4' coop with heavy duty T1-11 siding, 2 dutch windows that open for ventilation, paint, 2 nesting boxes, 30 yr dimensional shingles, and unlike our other coops this one includes a 8' x 2' chicken run. The coop  is built atop of a green treat runner system to protect the floor. 

chicken coop

This is our 5x4 Little Peep model coop. This coop is our smallest coop. Holds 8 hens.

The Small Peep Coop

The Little Peep coop comes with paint, electricity, weather vane, and one 6" barn star all included in the price. It will hold up to 8 chickens.


This is our 5 x 6 Peep with run underneath and 16"cupola options.Holds 16 hens.

 The Medium Peep~ 5 X 6

5 x6 Peep with enclosed run space under coop

This customer added the following extra amenities: paint, electricity, run, and the under coop run space for an added cost. It will hold up to 16 hens.

Holds 8 hens

This is the Small Dixie coop along with a polycarbonate topped run. The Small Dixie Coop will hold up to 8 chickens. It is 5ft. X 4ft. and has heavy duty T1-11 siding on it.

Small Dixie Coop

This video features our Small Dixie Coop. This customer added paint and the electrical package. They also added insulation, weather vane, and an automatic chicken door for their coop order. Our runs now have metal roofs.

Holds 16 hens

med dixie 1_edited.jpg

The Med Dixie Coop

No Video of this size coop yet.

Medium Dixie Coop was ordered with electric door and run.

This is the Medium Dixie Coop and it will hold up to 16 chickens. It is 5 ft X 6 ft. and has heavy duty T1-11 siding on it.


Holds 28 hens

This is the Large Dixie coop. This large coop will hold up to 28 chickens. It is 5ft X 10ft and it has heavy duty T1-11 siding on it.

Holds 40 hens

Large Dixie Coop

The coop in this video added several extra amenities such as paint, cupolas, electric, and an extra run.


This is our Largest Coop. It is called "The Dakota" and will hold up to 40 chickens. It is 6ft w x12ft L x 8ft tall at the peak (point) of the roof. It has 12 nesting boxes.


The coop shown in this video added lineoleum flooring as an upgrade. The runs come with metal roofing. 

Cedar Chicken Tractor

All in One Chicken Tractor/ Coop. It's dimensions are 4'W x 8'L x 5 1/2'T and the one pictured here is made of all cedar wood for light weight and easy movability. It comes with an electrical package, outside dusk to dawn light, large side entry door for access to your coop, and an outside nesting box for access to your eggs. It also comes with a 1 3/8" mobility pole to slide through the rings of the tractors arms to allow you to move the coop after you raise the steel wheel levers that raise the wheels off the ground. It will hold up to 8 hens. 

Holds 8 hens

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