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The Montana Dog House~$1,999.00

Call 260-215-2587 or 260-215-1941

It is priced at $1,999.00 for our basic doghouse.

The Dimensions are: 4 ft. wide x 5 1/2 ft tall x 8 ft long.

Weight: approx. 500 lbs.

All Houses feature the following standard options:

T1-11 pine grooved siding, Paint, Insulated walls, insulated ceiling, and insulated floor, elevated floor, linoleum floor covering, 30 yr shingles, 1/4" washable vinyl coated paneling, 1 light fixture, 1 sliding screen casement window, 1 electrical outlet (good for heated water bowl and/or heated doggie mat), and doggie door which can be easily removed and re-installed with 2 screws for seasonal application.( See pictures below), and a hound heater.

These houses are built extremely solid and heavy duty.

All deliveries are $1.99 per loaded mile one way. We deliver up to 150 miles from our shop to delivery area.(all tolls incurred will be extra)

The door opening can be customized to fit to the needs of your pet(s).

Other Amenities that cost extra are as follows:

Cedar lap siding(includes stain) for pricing.






This is the Cedar lap siding and is NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME.

dog house

This is the cedar lap siding and is NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME. Sorry.

The T1-11 siding is shown below

IMG_3087 2_edited.jpg

These come with a removable doggie door for summer air flow. The window opens as well as the large door on the end. The cupola on top is an extra amenity.


The doghouses come with 30 year shingles, and insulated floors, walls, and ceilings. They also have lineoleum flooring inside for easy clean up. 

IMG_3071 2_edited.jpg

You can chose cedar siding or a regular T1-11 siding. The cedar siding does cost extra. The electrical package is also included in the cost of the doghouse. These are handcrafted and built out of solid quality materials. Check out our comments page. 

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